Hobbies.. because I have free time with a 5 month old.

So, I thought I’d add a few things that I make to my blog. Since my hobbies are doing band stuff, photography and crafts, I can post 2 of the 3 here. Well, this fall you’ll all probably hear about the band too.

So, right now crafting wise, I’m working on my jewelry that I plan to sell at Septemberfest and maybe make an online store. I’m also working on cross-stitching. I have one with teddy bears that I started before I got pregnant. I’m less than halfway finished. I guess I need to get off here and work on it, but I’ll talk about my other things first.

With photography, Austin is my main subject. I love taking pictures of him and would love to one day have my own studio. I need a better camera of course, but I’m learning and will eventually save the money. Here is my favorite pic that I’ve taken of him so far. It’s hard to keep him sitting still for too long.

Lots of work to do with the band. I have so much fun doing it. They are going to go to regionals this year (if they qualify) which gives them something more to work towards. Also going to have 2 weeks of band camp. Yay! They are getting a lot better for such a new band and we have a bunch of 6th graders that are marching next year.

Ok, I’m done now, I’m gonna go work on my cross-stitch!

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