I have none….. Well, I have some, I just don’t use it and I’m overwhelmed with stuff. I am a hoarder. I need to stop it! So, here are some pictures of my craft area/office. My goal is to purge, and organize. I have boxes and drawers, and more stuff than will fit in them. My goal, is to try to condense everything into an amount that would fit inside a scrapbox workbox. I don’t know exactly how much that is because I don’t have one (and probably won’t be getting one anytime soon based on the price) but I think it’s a reasonable goal. I’ll be guessing mostly, but that will be a TON of purging. I’ve joined Listia in hopes of getting rid of things to people that can use them. It’s like ebay, but runs on a free credit system. You can put things up for auction in order to earn credits, then use those credits to buy other things. The only money swapping involved is for shipping, if you choose to charge that. So to have some accountability, here are the photos. I hope post much better pictures in the next couple weeks, and hopefully motivate some others! Please ignore the quality of the photos, I didn’t feel the need to use proper lighting and equipment, so the are phone pictures.

Main work area.

Junk behind Ashley's desk

Back of closet

Higher levels of junk

Front area of closet

So that’s my massive mess, out in the open. I’m going to have to give up this room eventually, as my two kids are sharing a room right now. It will be a while, but I don’t want it to be a huge deal to get all the junk out when it finally is time to move one of them in here. Check back for some hopefully good progress soon.

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