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Bad Blogger

I’m so bad at blogging, as you can tell. If anyone reads this, I’m sorry. Really, I am. I figure there really isn’t anyone out there though. Lately, I haven’t made too many things. Some jewelry, which usually goes together … Continue reading

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Music Room Art

Why have I not blogged this yet? Tiff and I made this over a month ago. While browsing our local craft store, we came across clearance canvases and wanted to do something with them. Tiff has a music room in … Continue reading

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I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

A lot has been going on on the “studio” that I’ve not had a chance to take pictures yet. It isn’t completely finished, but I’ve gotten rid of about 10 garbage bags full of junk, I’ve given away several items … Continue reading

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Makeup Organization

I’ve recently started wearing makeup more often, but I’ve never been much on lipstick. I prefer a tint or gloss. But I have so many kits that have come with lipstick, or even old glosses that take up space. I … Continue reading

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Progress is being made. I’m working on the whole house this weekend, but yesterday I gave away five diaper boxes of game systems. That alone cleared out majority of the stuff behind Ashley’s desk. We talked about how to arrange … Continue reading

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I have none….. Well, I have some, I just don’t use it and I’m overwhelmed with stuff. I am a hoarder. I need to stop it! So, here are some pictures of my craft area/office. My goal is to purge, … Continue reading

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Photo slacking

I know, I’m not blogging. And it’s not because I’m not crafting, but more because I’m not taking photos. I have very few progress shots, but several cell phone photos of my finished works. I’m hoping to get out of … Continue reading

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