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Bad Blogger

I’m so bad at blogging, as you can tell. If anyone reads this, I’m sorry. Really, I am. I figure there really isn’t anyone out there though. Lately, I haven’t made too many things. Some jewelry, which usually goes together … Continue reading

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I’m hoping to set up a booth at Septemberfest to sell some of the jewelry I’ve made. I’ve been pricing, inventorying, and working on displays recently. I’m still taking tons of pics of Austin and we’ve made two more trips … Continue reading

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Another Austin Photo Shoot

Been a while since I’ve been around. Band camp started July 28th, so I’ve been a bit busy with that. I’ve got a few days before school starts, so I thought I’d get caught up on my blog. Since I’ve … Continue reading

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Oh My Stars!

I pulled out the black sheet for another photo shoot. I’m gonna try to do some more later, with the blue sheet and the off white one too. Ashley is getting sick of me always putting him on the black … Continue reading

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The Family Portrait

Ok, so even though I have tons and tons of pics of Austin, very few have me in them. There are bunches with Ashley, but I’m usually the one with the camera, so yeah, I’m not in them. I decided … Continue reading

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Hobbies.. because I have free time with a 5 month old.

So, I thought I’d add a few things that I make to my blog. Since my hobbies are doing band stuff, photography and crafts, I can post 2 of the 3 here. Well, this fall you’ll all probably hear about … Continue reading

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